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What every busy gardener needs: A shotgun
Shotguns can now create life instead of destroying it, thanks to Flower Shells, ammunition loaded with seeds instead of lead pellets.
The shells are standard 12-gauge shotgun ammo that you can load into a gun and blast into the soil.

See them in action.


Clamped Stools by Daniel Glazman


The Ultimate Weapon In Rubber Band Warfare

If somebody had asked you, yesterday, to name the top ten must-have items that your bachelor pad simply had to have, a rubber band machine gun probably wouldn’t have been on that list. Why? Because you didn’t know it existed. Now you’re going to regret laminating that wish-list, because your trusty Wingman is going to show you exactly why it needs changing.

Ingeniously designed and crafted by Alex Shpetniy & Brian Dinh, this fast-charging, easy-reload, 16-barrel, automatic machine gun is a certified fan favourite, with its Kickstarter campaign almost quadrupling its pledge aim of $5,000 with almost an entire month left to run.

Using a small electric engine, powered by just 5 AA batteries, whether your target is your arch nemesis or just a few cans lined up along a wall, the huge 672 rubber band capacity allows you to fire off 14 shots per second, at a range of up to 26 feet.

With plenty of time left to pledge – should you be unable to fight the desire to get your hands on one of your very own rubber band machine guns – the eleven different pledge options, and three stunning variations of gun design, should leave no home rubber-band-machine-gun-less this Christmas.


Goodman House by Preston Scott Cohen

A transported and re-erected Dutch barn frame is contained in this house like a guitar in its case.


Signs for the Homeless 

by Kenji Nakayama & Christopher Hope

Check out their site here


Minimalist Movie Posters

Peruvian designer Eder Rengifo has designed a series of minimalist posters based on 12 of his favorite movies. 

I’ll be the first to admit that there’s a ton of minimalist movie posters designs out there. I’ve even posted my fair share, and keep posting ones I come across that I like simply because I love how designers can sum up an entire movie or feeling of that movie in one simple image. 


Cars and Films

Spain based designer/illustrator Jesús Prudencio has created a beautiful series of posters showcasing his favourite films with the cars used in it. 

I personally love this. Merging two of my favourite things into one.